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10 Advantages of Listing with us

Exclusively offered by the unique partnership of Presdon & Sotheby's is an extraordinary journey in real estate that goes beyond transactions. This immersive experience, fueled by world-class service and expert insights, offers the unparalleled exhilaration of aligning with industry leaders. With us, you don't just participate but celebrate the path to success in the complex world of luxury real estate.



The Legacy of Excellence

With its centuries-old legacy of excellence, Sotheby's and Presdon are known for cutting-edge expertise in real estate. This fusion redefines the real estate landscape, combining tradition and innovation. Our collaborative strength consistently leads to record-shattering sales and an exceptional reputation. We bring together the refined art of Sotheby's and the modern expertise of Presdon, offering unique opportunities and unmatched results. Together, we reshape the industry and set the stage for the future of real estate excellence.


Unparalleled Marketing Prowess

Presdon and Sotheby's transcend local horizons with their marketing prowess, extending reach to an international audience. Amplified through strategic alliances with prestigious organizations, we ensure maximum exposure for our properties. Utilizing our internal production house, we artistically weave compelling stories for each property, distinguishing them in the market. Our services are finely tailored, providing personalized solutions catering to every client. We believe in selling properties and delivering distinctive real estate experiences that resonate globally.



Excellence is our mantra, permeating every facet of our operations. Our marketing captures each property's allure through stunning imagery and enticing narratives. Every detail is scrupulously curated for a seamless, immersive presentation aimed at painting a vivid picture, inspiring buyers to envision themselves inhabiting these unique homes. We adhere to unparalleled standards in our quest to leave a profound, lasting impression, fostering a connection between potential buyers and these remarkable residences.


Record-Breaking Success

Presdon's proven record of significant sales and market dominance bears witness to our unwavering client-centric approach. We take pride in exceeding expectations, setting new benchmarks, and cementing our standing as a real estate authority. Our relentless pursuit of unmatched service, innovative tactics, and unrivaled expertise ensures we leave no avenue unexplored. This commitment to excellence and client satisfaction propels our success, constantly elevating our reputation in this competitive landscape.


The Power of Dual Brands

The remarkable partnership between Presdon and Sotheby's has birthed dual brand strength, standing as a beacon of premium quality and exceptional service. This powerful blend echoes among the discerning clients who seek and value unflinching commitment to excellence in their real estate pursuits. The alliance does more than just handle transactions; it ensures unparalleled service and an extraordinary experience, solidifying our brand in the minds of those who appreciate the finest in their property journey.


An Unforgettable Experience

Presdon's alliance with renowned Sotheby's cultivates an unparalleled client experience. This partnership masterfully marries tradition's enduring values with an innovative vision, crafting a real estate journey that exceeds expectations and consistently delivers extraordinary results for our clients. Paying homage to tradition is vital to us as we embrace Sotheby's rich legacy and worldwide acclaim as a beacon of excellence. Together, we offer a unique blend of timeless values and modern thinking that sets us apart in the real estate industry.

People Power

Our People, Our Strength

Our greatest strength lies in our dedicated and skilled team. They aren't mere transaction facilitators but strategic advisors who fuel our success with unique expertise. Their relentless commitment to delivering top-notch services sets us apart. With foresight and judgment, they discern client needs, consistently hitting high standards. Our team is more than just a workforce; they are visionaries driving us toward an optimistic future. Their collective efforts are the wind in our sails as we journey toward unparalleled success.


Our Limitless Reach

Presdon's brand image, enriched by Sotheby's partnership, amplified by extensive marketing plans and a vast network, presents limitless possibilities. Our adept team molds their strategies to cater to varied buyer profiles, promising precise connections between the right homes and buyers. This combination of meticulous strategy, powerful branding, and flexibility ensures we remain at the forefront of our industry, seamlessly facilitating successful transactions and fostering lasting relationships.


Global Reach and Local Insight

Presdon & Sotheby's International Realty represents a perfect fusion of global reach with local insight, being the unique ambassadors of an authentic international real estate network. Our sprawling network cultivates strong business connections and encourages a thriving environment conducive to success and growth. By intertwining international perspectives with local knowledge, we extend extraordinary service, navigating the complexities of real estate transactions efficiently and effectively for clients worldwide.

The Extra Mile

Service Beyond Expectation

Presdon & Sotheby's International Realty sets itself apart through a commitment to superior service and sustained client relationships. Our approach marries personalized care, expert counsel, and open communication, going beyond mere transactions to nurture lasting connections built on trust and mutual triumph. Our unwavering dedication to these values elevates our standing in the market, framing us as the trusted guide in the journey to finding the perfect home or the ideal buyer.

property journey


The journey is as important as the destination. That's why my team and I meticulously plan and prepare every step of the marketing, leaving nothing to chance. I recognize the significance of each sale and purchase and approach them with great care and attention to detail. My global reach and local expertise offer me a unique advantage in the luxury real estate market. I am dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of industry trends and technologies, providing you with the most advanced tools and strategies. My commitment to delivering exceptional service is unwavering. I take pride in anticipating my client's needs and exceeding their expectations. Together, we will navigate the complex market and meet your unique needs and lifestyle. Let's embark on this journey together and turn your luxury real estate dreams into a reality. 

The attention your
property deserves


Our unmatched worldwide reach and strategic media partnerships give us the advantage of showcasing your property to affluent buyers across the globe. We utilize a multifaceted approach to expose your property to qualified buyers through the most prestigious publications and digital platforms. Our online presence on and 100+ Sotheby's International Realty affiliate websites complement our exclusive partnerships with renowned news, lifestyle, and financial publications. With nearly all luxury homebuyers beginning their search online, we leverage our expertise in search engine optimization to ensure your property stands out and attracts the right audience.

CUSTOM listing website


Our unwavering dedication is rooted in our ability to captivate and draw in prospective buyers by creating a one-of-a-kind online listing platform exclusively designed for your property. This platform boasts an impressive array of features, including a visually striking high-definition image gallery, an immersive 4K video showcase, comprehensive property information, and a personalized web address, all of which exude elegance and leave a lasting impression. Our expertise in the realm of digital marketing, combined with these visually stunning elements, has been meticulously planned to strategically attract potential buyers to your property. We are committed to ensuring that your property stands out in the digital landscape, making it an unforgettable and irresistible prospect for those seeking their dream home.

Show & tell


Our devoted in-house team effortlessly combines time-honored and contemporary mailing methods. These approaches span both tangible mailings and digital initiatives. We employ a diverse array of pioneering mailing tools and tactics meticulously customized to highlight the distinct attributes of your property. Our mailing strategy stands alone in its capacity to exhibit the absolute opulence of your property. We are resolutely dedicated to exhaustively guaranteeing that your property secures the recognition and reverence it unquestionably merits. Our mailing strategy is unmatched in its ability to showcase the sheer luxury of your property.  Our commitment is to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your property garners the attention and admiration it truly deserves.


power of digital


We're dedicated to showcasing luxury homes through exclusive partnerships with renowned websites like The New York Times, Robb Report, and others. Our commitment to an exquisite online experience ensures your luxury properties gain global exposure, inculding access to, the world's top luxury real estate site, uses unique editorial techniques to attract millions of buyers with high-resolution photos and cinematic video tours. Over 65% of our site traffic comes from mobile users, so we've optimized and for ideal mobile viewing.



We drive more eyes
to your listing


We understand the importance of digital marketing in today's world. We pride ourselves on our expert marketers who curate inspiring and informative content, positioning us as an industry leader in the social space. Our focus extends beyond just property listings, we're committed to promoting market insights and lifestyle campaigns that showcase the allure of Florida's East Coast. Our strong social media presence is a testament to our dedication. With more than 5,000,000+ followers worldwide across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok, we have a vast and engaged audience. Notably, our company's award-winning YouTube channel boasts more video views and subscribers than any other real estate brand, showcasing our influence in the digital realm. We harness the power of social media marketing to ensure that your property is not just seen but admired by the web's most sophisticated buyers.


5.520+ MILLION

Social followers across all platforms


Video views on Facebook & Youtube

1.350 M + Followers


1.125 M + Followers


1.270 M + Followers






Presdon's unrivaled reputation has secured exclusive partnerships with the world's most prominent media powerhouses such as Frobes, Architectural Digest, Sotheby's, Dwell and others. This elevated status lets our brand connect with a global audience of discerning clientele. Our commitment to brand exclusivity, impact, and driving traffic is reflected in our dedicated placements in top-tier publications. We leverage proprietary publications created by both One Sotheby's and Sotheby's International Realty leverage proprietary publications. Our innovative and distinctive approach to advertising ensures your property stands out and commands the attention it deserves from the world's most sophisticated buyers.


Our reputation | your advantage



Our Press & Media


South Florida


Acclaimed for our knowledge of local market dynamics, which is fortified by an incomparable global reach that sets us apart from other brokerages. We remain dedicated to providing an exceptional client experience, facilitating the acquisition of properties that offer the perfect environment for extraordinary lives to thrive. With an outstanding reputation for passion, trust, and service, I am the premier source for luxury real estate and development along Florida's East Coast. My unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and exceptional service has earned me a distinguished reputation as an industry leader locally and globally. My indelible legacy of passion, trust, and service is unequivocally unmatched. My steadfast dedication to elevating the real estate industry will continue to shape the market for years. As a reliable and trusted partner, I remain committed to providing my clients with the perfect home to facilitate the flourishing of their extraordinary lives.







$10.4 B+




Boasting an exceptional network of over 25,000 committed associates, Sotheby's International Realty's influence extends globally, establishing a presence in the most consequential real estate markets worldwide. These pivotal markets spark mutual benefits, serving as the linchpins that drive our dynamic flow of sales traffic. This reciprocity translates into an impressive average of over $4 billion in referral transactions annually. Our team of dedicated Relocation Specialists is the key facilitator of this vast network, bridging affluent buyers and sellers across international boundaries. Leveraging our extensive global reach, they simplify the complexity of international real estate transactions, ensuring your journey to find the perfect home—no matter its location on the map—is smooth and straightforward.







$204 B+


a true global network



In-house Production


As a vanguard in the realm of luxury real estate, we are passionately dedicated to delivering exceptional service. Pioneering the way in this industry, we constantly challenge the status quo, redefining standards of excellence. We developed an all-in-one multimedia production and design company, specializing in creating captivating videos, stunning photography, immersive virtual staging, detailed floor plans, high-quality print materials, custom websites, and graphic design—all seamlessly integrated. Compelling visuals, provide a comprehensive solution to elevate your property. Discover creativity, precision, and innovation. Our unwavering commitment and profound expertise distinguish us, elevating benchmarks and leaving an enduring impression. Embracing innovation and pushing boundaries, we consistently provide unmatched value and an extraordinary customer experience. Together, let us embark on a journey to shape the future of luxury real estate, revolutionizing the market and surpassing even your loftiest expectations. 

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Custom floor plans are made for each home, offering a unique and personalized approach to architectural design. With custom floor plans, homeowners have the opportunity to tailor their living spaces to their specific needs and preferences. This level of customization ensures that every square foot of the home is optimized, maximizing functionality and aesthetics. You can truly make their house a one-of-a-kind home that reflects their individual style and enhances their quality of life.


virtual staging

Explore our exclusive in-house virtual staging samples

Elevate your listing with the sophistication of virtual staging. This high-end digital technique enhances properties by seamlessly integrating luxurious furniture and decor through exquisite computer-generated imagery (CGI). Captivate discerning buyers by showcasing the impeccable potential of your listing no matter the condition.

Our exclusive invite only red carpet events

Experience the extensive reach of our industry-leading exclusive events









A proven track record







You have
one life to live

Creating a lasting legacy filled with meaningful relationships and notable accomplishments requires trusted partners who understand your goals and aspirations. At my company, we prioritize finding the perfect place to make your dreams a reality - a place that reflects your values and inspires you in everything around you. I am unequivocally committed to providing exceptional homes to extraordinary individuals looking to thrive. Investing in real estate can be a complex decision that demands creativity, compassion, and an acute understanding of your unique needs. That's why my team is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service while building enduring relationships. As the preeminent source for luxury real estate and development along Florida's East Coast, I actively leverage a global brand with a heritage of unparalleled quality, value, and trust. My unwavering dedication to leadership, integrity, and vision serves as the foundation for my continued success in navigating the evolving real estate market. I actively leverage my market knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and global network of support to provide my clients with the best experiences and inspire the best decisions.


lives here


Julie M.

Julie M.

From the moment we met Presdon, we were assured we were in the right hands. His professionalism, patience, and deep understanding of the luxury market were a cut above the rest. He worked with us diligently, focusing on our pro...
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Aaron D.

Aaron D.

With the complexities of purchasing a luxury home, we needed an experienced broker. Presdon proved to be just that. His knowledge of luxury real estate and his uncanny instinct to understand our preferences and lifestyle made o...
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Rebecca S.

Rebecca S.

Presdon was an absolute pleasure. His professional demeanor, in-depth market insight, and unwavering commitment to our best interests instantly put our minds at ease. We appreciated his consistent transparency throughout the pr...
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Daniel R.

Daniel R.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience than what Presdon provided. From the beginning, his extensive knowledge of the market and guidance on the key aspects of purchasing my first luxury property was invaluable. Despite ...
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Sophia A.

Sophia A.

We engaged Presdon to sell our luxury property; it was our best decision. His deep understanding of the market, a vast network of affluent buyers, and excellent marketing strategies that targeted the right demographic attracted...
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Liam G.

Liam G.

Presdon's expertise in luxury real estate is unquestionable. We were uncertain about many aspects. But Presdon put us at ease with his deep understanding of our requirements and guided us smoothly. He was more than a broker to ...
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John B.

John B.

Presdon, as our broker, was our best decision. His intimate knowledge of the luxury property market, steadfast commitment to our specific goals, and ceaseless dedication to our best interests allowed us to navigate the best dea...
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Isabella L.

Isabella L.

We knew we needed someone to guide us with patience and expertise. Presdon exceeded our expectations on every count. His understanding of the luxury market is unparalleled. He helped us secure our dream home, negotiating the be...
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Martin P.

Selling a luxury home in a competitive market is daunting, but Presdon made it seem like a walk in the park. His nuanced understanding of market trends, strategic approach to selling, and tireless commitment to our objectives l...
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Olivia J.

Olivia J.

In my experience, Presdon is not just a luxury broker but a true connoisseur of luxury living. His attention to detail and understanding of our specific requirements were simply phenomenal. He went out of his way to show us pro...
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George K.

George K.

With Presdon, it was a breeze. His astute understanding of the market and unwavering commitment to achieving the best results for us, his clients, transformed what could have been a complicated and stressful time into a straigh...
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Emily F.

Emily F.

Presdon is like no other. From the outset, he listened to our needs, gave us a comprehensive market overview, and guided us through every step. We never felt pressured or rushed; we felt valued and respected. With his help, we ...
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Arnold T.

Arnold T.

Presdon's reputation as a top luxury broker precedes him, and rightly so. He handled the sale of our high-end property with utmost professionalism and care. From our initial meeting to the final sale, his meticulous attention t...
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Emma Z.

Emma Z.

Working with Presdon was not just a business transaction but a well-rounded, gratifying experience. His comprehensive knowledge, impeccable attention to detail, and innovative marketing strategy that made our home stand out fro...
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Noah P.

Noah P.

Our dream of owning a luxury property was turned into a tangible reality thanks to Presdon. Rather than rushing us, he took the time to understand our needs. His professional approach, balanced with a personal touch, and his va...
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Ava T.

Ava T.

Working with Presdon was a privilege, an opportunity that enhanced our experience and made it memorable. His understanding of the market dynamics, strategic approach to positioning our property, and expert negotiation skills cu...
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Elijah K.

Elijah K.

I found Presdon's expertise and dedication incredibly helpful. He guided me, ensuring I was well-informed and confident in making my decision. His insights about the market were eye-opening, and his attention to detail was impr...
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Manuel N.

Manuel N.

Presdon was able to market the house very differently than all of the other agents. His novel approach was the key to convincing the buyer to commit. Also, he was able to navigate the closing process and keep it moving forward.
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Mia W.

Mia W.

Selling our luxury home was a seamless experience. His strategic marketing approach, leveraging the power of his extensive network and cutting-edge platforms, brought the right buyers to our doorstep. Presdon demonstrated unpar...
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Lucas Y.

Lucas Y.

Having Presdon on our side was a game-changer in the high-stakes luxury real estate game. His profound insights into the market and his patience and knack for understanding our tastes and preferences ensured we found a home tha...
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ONE Sotheby’s International Realty prides itself on being an active and engaged leader in our communities. To maintain local ties and provide additional services, we’ve partnered with several leading organizations that share our corporate values and resonate with our real estate associates. Most importantly, we partner with brands pioneering within their respective industries through their pursuit of true innovation.



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